Tuesday, 11 May 2010

To the next harbor, MATEY!

got bad news:
Will no longer update this blog. This sailor is bored, and my anchor chose another harbor to weighed in.

Good news:
www.mushadool.tumblr.com is very welcome for you to read.


Saturday, 17 April 2010

Just another day for me.

You're not really in a relationship yet (with anyone) if you haven't experienced disappointment.

Major disappointment, if i might add.

I'm done giving labels.
Girl friends.
Boy friends.
Best friends.

All crap.

Off i go,

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

an end of an era, i hate you.

I will miss having someone to talk to when i'm bored.

I will miss knocking on their doors and ask them, "hey, wanna hang out or something?"

I will miss listening to their loud music next door,
their loud alarm that woke me up sometimes.

I will miss having ears to talk to when I'm mad with the crazy landlords.

I will miss their craziness when it comes to birthday surprises.

I will miss.. having housemates.

kinda blamed my mom for this. Parents and their conservativeness.
but oh well, obedience is the least thing i could give to them.

ah, whatever.
i know i'll wake up two days from now and will be totally fine.
always have, always will.

sorry for my momentary melancholy.

P.S: Time, you're a bitch.

Off i go,

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Waiting for you, sunsh!

"Don't cry... Look, the sky is crying with you."

That's okay,
i'll just learn how to dance in the midst of rain.

If you know sunshine loves you, you won't mind when rain comes.
Rain, hail, storm, they'll eventually come.

Sunshine is just taking a rest,
when he's back, he'll shine so bright, he'll make your skin sparkle.

Not in a Edward Cullen cheesy way tho.

Off i go,
the sunshine lover, muSHAdool.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Too. Random. Day.

I don't normally post something on my blog just about how did my day go.
It's what amateurs bloggers do, and I'm kinda... not. LOL. *self-indulgence*

So... today.
I started my day by asking..
"Is Melbourne really this boring? Nothing new?"

Just like they say...
be careful of what you wish for.
I just had the longest day ever.

Day went normally at the beginning,
had lunch with Nanad, Nita and her mom at Boxhill,
gave them some tour at Boxhill for they are the new Melburnian.
then after few hours we dropped them off at their house.

the day just started for me and my girl.
we were sitting in the tram, listening to our own ipod,
our very different-on-the-inside ipod,
but then.. suddenly..

Our tram hit the brake because it crashed a car.
I've lived here for about a year,
and this is THE FIRST accident i personally experienced.

FYI, in Australia, accidents really are accidents.
it's not like back in my hometown, Indonesia,
where accidents are like every journalists' secondly consumption.
Accidents happen too often, sometimes i feel bad for not feeling bad.

we arrived at the City, we were heading to a friend's apartment.
we got lost, pretty much.
until finally we've arrived,
we... got locked in the emergency exit.

i'm too tired to explain why the hell we got locked.
story short, i just glad i didn't let my girl go home earlier.
because if she wasn't there, probably now i'm still locked.
the sweaty, signal-less, clueless me.

(yes the story still continues)
when we arrived at the apartment,
our 2 guy-friends were there, laughing their ass off because we were too stupid,
we got lost, then we got locked. yes, it's very laughable. dang it.

then, one of the guys went into the toilet and left his computer unattended,
what two crazy girls did?
yes, we sneaked around.

What we discovered that day about our 2 guy friends:
Internet history: Asian Porn Video.
Internet porn stored at their harddisk: 70 GB.
I know this might be very usual for you but it's not for us!!
This porn stuff really freaked us out ;p

Oh.. guys always will be guys.

So, in the nutshell, two points today:
1. Be careful what you wish for.
2. Never look into someone's personal computer, knowing too much is stressing!

hahaha. anyway,
i just glad that even stupid prayer got answered ;)

Off i go,
the very random muSHAdool.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

You're so bright i have to wear shades.

He's not seeking to those who crave for spotlight.
He's not seeking to those who know it all.
He's not seeking to those who are multitalented.
Don't even get me started on good looks.

He's seeking to those,
who were once so deeply broken,
healthy self-image were not their cup of tea,
they seem didn't have any future,
help were all they need.

But their heart are pure, their eyes sparkles,
because of him, their future are so bright, they have to wear shades.

He knows that even though a diamond was being put among trash,
it still is a diamond.

Even though a diamond didn't have a good past,
it still is a diamond.

Even though,
a diamond is not really the centre of attention,
a diamond is not being invited to high class parties and events,
a diamond might not have the prettiest face or alluring body,
or a sexy Facebook profile picture,
it still is a diamond.

It only needs few cleansing and trash-detox,
voila. A diamond shines so brightly. Ready to wow the world.

Ready to bless.

Yes, realized that i've been talking too metaphorically.

but change every "diamond" word by.. "you."
yes, you.

the heart-broken, lonely, purposeless you.
the once heart broken, lonely, purposeless me.

Ready to shine, diamonds? :)

P.S: thanks for the missions. 2 people in 2 hours?
you must trust me so much, ey? :D

Off i go,

Thursday, 25 February 2010

my current muse: ALPHABEAT.


i'm all about artsy stuff,
artsy music,
artsy hotties are very welcome ;p

off i go,

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Say.. what???

Have you.... ever felt like...
your life resemble other person's life,
too many
too scary
too uncanny??

A brief update,
i successfully enrolled to Bachelor of Arts program (as you know, Creative and Professional Writing major) in Deakin University, Melbourne.
Hoping i could be a writer one day, through my next 2 years of study.

so... i took a class, core unit, i have to take it.
guess... what....

It's the same class that this person once took,


That's the class she once took (in Ugly Betty TV series season 1),
and the class i'm taking now.
Same subject. Same pronunciation.

So.. once again,
Have you.... ever felt like...
your life resemble other person's life,
too many
too scary
too uncanny??

although i don't believe in coincidences. Everything in this world made, discovered, created, only for a great purpose.

Off i go,
la betty muSHAdool.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

it's the new girl in town!

Talking about do more remarkable stuff...

13 years old.

Once reviewed by Vogue Paris and Style.com

Here's the link.
Get inspired.

In case, you were too speechless why she can do all of those, and ashamed of your age,
just bear in mind,
she discovered her passion sooner.

you should too.

Off i go,

Monday, 22 February 2010

Yo soy la Betty.

I'm back being an aspiring (read:struggling) student in Melbie.

Back in my small room,
still and will always be messy.

I went through my stack of magazines.
Feeling very guilty for not reading them in about 4 months.
I know they miss me oh so badly.

Then i blamed myself for being very lavish,
Then i felt good again,
because well, how do i say this in fancy words..

it's my passion.
okay, that wasn't so fancy.

then... LOOK what i found in the middle of that chaotic mess.

(with a little help from my apparently-they're-better-in-Photoshop-than-me piggies)

Like that's not "oh-dear-diary" moment enough..
i also found these.

my 17th birthday present from Henry Gerson.
my 18th birthday present from Theophilia Edwinda.

and this is my first ever book.

Well it was a group project but as you know,
world is so fair that you ended up have to work alone.
Yes, that was sarcasm.

This is (for once) not a random stuff i want to post,
this is such a reminder.
to me and to you.

What's your passion?
How's the progress?
Have you ever made or accomplished something significant?

In my case,
i haven't. My magazine and my book were assignments i made as a media student.
But i haven't really contributed that much.
Yes, i also found the magazine i contributed in, which was my church magazine.
(Yah.. dibaca 5000 orang boleh lahh walopun majalah gereja hihi.)

but i feel like i should contribute more, i should do more remarkable stuff.

Oh well.
i'm taking my first step.
In 2 weeks i'll officially start being a CREATIVE AND PROFESSIONAL WRITING university student.
after graduated from Diploma of media and communication student last year.
I'm SO PUMPED, can't wait to start.

One day, once my career blast off,
i'll look at these days and
i'll know,
i once made a good decision to follow my passion.

Follow yours, peeps.
or unless you'll look back and couldn't help but feeling regretful.

Off i go,
the indeed still very homesick muSHAdool.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bye blonde bitch, hello redhead.

Still in the spirit of Chinese New Year,
i dyed my hair red.

What do you think? Is it good?
Of course it is. *Self-indulgence*

Off i go,
redheaded muSHAdool.

Gifted and would like to be a gift.


Got a magnificent gift!!

I know it's still an early stage,
but i'll train, work, practice harder.

for good. and for good only.

Ready for another mission!

P.S: Happy Valentine's Day plus Chinese New Year to you all!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Love letter through a movie.

"I have something for you, wait 'til Friday."
Okay, i can't wait to see what it is.

Then, my friend asked me out, we had dinner and we planned to watch movies.
i suggested this,

but then,
my friend insisted. he said, "I've watched the trailer and it's good. let's go see this."
So there i was, with my friend, watching this,

I seriously didn't expect anything,
didn't expect that my heart will beat so darn fast,
didn't expect that i will get so deeply smitten,
because of the message of this movie.

So, this movie basically is about Percy Jackson, he's special. he's half god and half human.
or he's demigod. what so called.

he had a mission, and through his journey, he had obstacles and problems.
but the voice of his father, the god of water, Poseidon, led him the way.
He led Percy through his voice.
and only Percy, the son, that could hear the god's voice.
so yea yada yada yada, Percy could get the mission done and he's visiting the heaven,
where Poseidon is.

I.. still don't get the message.

but then,
at the end of the movie,
this conversation struck me.

"Son, i helped you to get here."
"Yes, i heard your voice."
"Son, even though I'm not there for you physically,
but I will always watch your every move from above,
I’ll always be with you, in your thoughts and dreams."

There was the surprise.
It might be as simple as one line from a movie to you,
but it meant the world for me.
The words i love the most, through the media i love the most.

He knows me well.
I wrote this the morning after,
and i.am.still.deeply.smitten.

Oh for you who don't get this, never mind.
it's not you, it's me who is abnormal.

Off i go,

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Yes, i know i will always have You.

One night, in a land faraway,

a little girl is having a pillow talk with her Daddy.


A little girl:

Daddy… why do people have feelings?


What do you mean, my dear?

A little girl:

I mean.. why did you create us with feelings? Why you let us feel weak, so powerless..

Somehow I think people should have numb hearts, they shouldn’t feel anything.

Then, they won’t get hurt,

they won’t cry in the middle of the night because their heart is so deeply broken,

or simply because they’re not ready for saying another goodbye.


You mean… like you right now?

A little girl:

you got me.


Well, cutie pie, when you feel weak, that’s when I can show how much I love you the most.

Because you need Me the most when you’re weak.

If you never feel weak, how can you know that I'm always here to strengthen you?

If you never feel left out, how can you know that you still have Me?

If you never feel hurt, how can you know that I'm your healer?

If you never say goodbye, how can you know that I, for even a second never leave you?

My dear, you’re not weak for feeling weak.

Strong people are not those who can’t feel a thing,

But those who are brave enough to face it, and don’t let feelings control them.

It's what they do during that-feeling-weak-time, that shows whether they're strong or not.

Little girl:

What do strong people do when they're feeling weak, Daddy?


They don't rely on people. They rely on Me.

They don't come to people. They come to Me.

Because they know that people are unreliable. But I'm their rock.

Little girl:

You always know what to say, huh?


Haha. Like Father, like daughter, dear.

Anyway, go get some sleep.

Get ready for a better tomorrow.

Don’t forget,

I love you. and all of your weakness.

No, ESPECIALLY your weakness.

Good night.

That little girl went to sleep,

knowing that no matter how tough life gets,

she always has her Daddy.


Off i go,


Friday, 5 February 2010

TRP - Totally Random Post.

B says: (12:18:47 AM)
stabbed, randomness, lenje2 people. i cant imagine your life.

Sasha says: (12:27:33 AM)
now you know why I HAVE to be a bitch, right?

Well, not that kind.

Off i go,

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Bye (again)!

After a FRIKIN FUNTASTIC good 10 days in Spore,
i will be off again for another 10 days,
to the land of Sura and Baya.

Pigging out is guaranteed at this wonderfully hot city.

Oh goodbye hot bikini body with sexy tattoo on my hip.
The picture is getting blur-er than ever.

Off i go,
sad piggy muSHAdool.

You only reap what you sow.

Met up with a long-time-no-see friend of mine.

"I still remember, you asked me one day, "why don't you sing??"
she said.


It's her first single on her first album.

Sow good words,
who knows one day you'll see one of your dearest friends winning an Oscar.

Off i go,
very dreamy muSHAdool.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Rot in hell, Jay Leno.

Off i go,

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Faith is taking a step with eyes closed.

"You will get married at 28 years old."
"You will be different than your sisters."
"You will lead an enjoyable life."
"Your future husband is so handsome."
"Your career will be so good, and so is your marriage life."
"I saw you, got the job you wanted."

Won't tell you what this is.
but one thing for sure,
this is not dreams.

Not mine.

6 confirmation in two days. wowza!

well, the lines of the day would be..
"Don't worry, dear. you're doing too great for such a young age."
"No matter what it is, i'm always here. to support you."

Off i go,
the VERY grateful and VERY humbled muSHAdool.

Crush of the week: Zachary Levi.

"My job on my set, I believe,
is to first just love people and gain that trust with people where they know that I really do love them and care about their well-being.

so that when they are running into problems, they will hopefully, at some point, come to me and ask me,
'What is your peace all about? What is your comfort all about? Where do you get your love? Where do you get your talents?'

And I can turn to them and say without blinking, 'Jesus Christ.'

Well said, Chuck Bartowski. Well said.

Off i go watching "Chuck",

P.S: special thanks to Theophilia Edwinda for the info slash quotes :D